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Ocean Classic

Fuel OilFresh waterBallastMain Engine Lube oilHydraulic oilSludge TK(cu.m)Dirty Oil TK(cu.m)FoamDispersant
47.6421.300.003.760.471.591.757.180.00[ Edit ]

Classification Details 
Dual Class ( Y/n)Main Classification SocietyMain Classification Society NoIR Class registration NoClass NotationEquipment NumberAnchor weight (Kg)Anchor chain dia.(mm)No.of shackles PortNo.of shackles Starboard
NoIRSNA31396SUL, TUG, ICS, IYH026.0065[ Edit ]

Dry dock 
Special Survey Hull DateSpecial survey machinery DateNext Docking Date FromNext Docking Date ToDocking typeRemark
18-12-201818-12-201818-09-201518-03-2016Intermediate[ Edit ]

Incident / Accident Report 
HeadingClassificationDate of IncidentTime of IncidentReported to HO DateReported to HO TimeDesc of AccidentDate Part   sent to HOReport No.Date Part 2 sent to HODate Closed
Near MissUnsecured falling Objects23-10-2013144500-00-0000Niigata/ Yanmar spare part boxes, kept unsecured on Port- Aft part of Engine Room. During rolling and pitching, the boxed may shift causing damage to surrounding machinery.12-11-2013OSL/CLS/03/1312-11-201300-00-0000[ Edit ]
Near MissElectrical23-10-2013150000-00-0000Fridge supply Plug Socket Box kept hanging in Galley. The loose contact due to vibration may cause sparking and fire12-11-2013OSL/CLS/04/1312-11-201300-00-0000[ Edit ]
Near MissElectrical10-06-2013135013-06-20131540Duty person inform master that wheel house collected distribution pannel board smoke coming out from pannel board 1350 Hrs.13-06-2013OSL/CLS/02/1315-06-201315-06-2013[ Edit ]
IncidentTug Handling07-03-2013010308-03-20131700During berthing operation of MV OEL Trust at 0100 hrs pilot JP 48, vessels Stbd, bridge top railing, made contact with main vessel. The railing is slight bend.08-03-2013OSl/CLS/01/201314-03-201300-00-0000[ Edit ]
Near MissCollision02-06-20121755 hrs02-06-20122000 hrsTug made fast on port bow of MT HELLES PONT CHARGER. Pilot JP-28 coming to LB-2 berth. Due to current & wind, berthing tanker closes to LB-1 south end corner. Master informed Pilot to go stern immediately otherwise tug may damage baddly with jetty. Pilot acted in time, Ordered Tug to push maximum. Situation under controlled after 15 minutes.02-06-2012OSL/CLS/DK/06/201204-06-201204-06-0201[ Edit ]
AccidentCollision19-05-20125.2419-05-20120600 hrsWhile coming alongside on Ocean Regal ( Stbd side) on complation of LB-1 unberthing. Classic Port Side fender press ocean Regal FIFI pump suction pipe which secured at stbd side of regal fender and damaged partialy ( Mainly the sea water suction valve dent).19-05-2012OSL/CSL/05/201222-05-201222-05-2012[ Edit ]
Near MissCollision06-02-201217.5506-02-201217.55Tug made fast on port bow of MT Helles pont charger. Pilot JP-28 coming to LB-2 Berth, Due to current and wind. Berthing Tanker close to LB-1 South end corner, Master Inforn pilot to go stern Immediat06-02-201213-02-201200-00-0000[ Edit ]

Nav WH Equipment (D5) 
Nav WH EquipmentMakeModelSerial NoConidtionRemarks
AISCOMARCSB 20000254OPS[ Edit ]
Echo SounderFURUNOCI 802215-0723OPS[ Edit ]
GPSFURUNOGP 802477-8225ops[ Edit ]
Magnetic CompassDAIKO kEKIT110SLKOPS[ Edit ]
Navtex ReceiverSamyungSNX 3008902857OPS[ Edit ]
RadarFURUNOFR-1510, MARK 3-12AF3366-1003OPS[ Edit ]

Communication Equipment (D5A) 
Equipment NameMakeModelSerial No.ConditionRemarks
EPIRBSamyungSEP-4068800407OPS[ Edit ]
GMDSS Walkie TalkieSamyungSTV-1608700682OPS[ Edit ]
GMDSS Walkie TalkieSamyungSTV-1608700682OPS[ Edit ]
SARTSamyungSAR-098804362OPS[ Edit ]
VHF RadioSamyungSTR-6000A8302542OPS[ Edit ]
VHF RadioFURUNOFM-70002512-2172OPS[ Edit ]

Ext FiFi Details 
Supplier NameExt Fire Fighting DetailsQuantityCapacity(cu.m/hr)MakeModelSerial NoRemarks
Flow Serve Pump DivisionFiFi Pump1500Fire Monitor with manual local control. Engine driven horizontal centrifugal pump. Engine make: Detroit Diesel. The unit placed at E/R STBD Aft. The unit is provided with a foam concentrate proportioning unit.[ Edit ]
Monitors10Details of monitor not available at branch office.[ Edit ]

Rope Inventory 
MonthRenewed DateRope TypeRope StatusRope LocationSize of Rope (dia in mm)Length of rope(m)MBL(tons)Rope ConstructionManufacturerCert Issued ByCert no/DateNo. Of Moments
(Since renewal)
28-02-201404-03-2013TOWIn UseForward Winch80110125632[ Edit ]
31-01-201404-03-2013TOWIn UseForward Winch801100P.P 08-STRANDSM/s.Axiom Cordages LtdGL Industrial Services GmbH578[ Edit ]
31-01-201402-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch961101851532[ Edit ]
31-12-201323-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185296[ Edit ]
31-12-201302-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch961101851062[ Edit ]
31-08-201302-03-2013TOWSpareForward Winch801101850[ Edit ]
30-06-201323-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch801101851171[ Edit ]
30-06-201302-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch96110185994[ Edit ]
30-06-201302-03-2013TOWSpareForward Winch801101850[ Edit ]
31-05-201323-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch8011018545[ Edit ]
31-05-201302-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch96110185981[ Edit ]
31-05-201302-03-2013TOWSpareForward Winch801101850[ Edit ]
30-04-201323-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185969[ Edit ]
30-04-201302-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch961101851024[ Edit ]
31-03-201323-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185968[ Edit ]
31-03-201302-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch9680185960[ Edit ]
28-02-201302-08-0210TOWIn UseForward Winch96110185951[ Edit ]
28-02-201323-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185900[ Edit ]
31-01-201302-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch96110185940[ Edit ]
31-01-201323-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185867[ Edit ]
31-12-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch96110185940[ Edit ]
31-12-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185806[ Edit ]
30-11-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch96110185940[ Edit ]
30-11-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185736[ Edit ]
31-10-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185671[ Edit ]
31-10-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch96110185916[ Edit ]
30-09-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseForward Winch80110185670[ Edit ]
30-09-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch96110185834[ Edit ]
31-08-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch80110185650[ Edit ]
31-08-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch96110185781[ Edit ]
31-07-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch80110185619[ Edit ]
31-07-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch96110185754[ Edit ]
30-06-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch80110185578[ Edit ]
30-06-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch96110185739[ Edit ]
31-05-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch80110185549[ Edit ]
31-05-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch96110185693[ Edit ]
30-04-201223-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch80110185547[ Edit ]
30-04-201202-08-2010TOWIn UseOn Winch96110185625[ Edit ]

Monthly Lub Oil Consumptions 
Month(YYYY-MM)Grade Of Lube OilQty B/F(Ltr)Equipment  Qty  (Ltrs)Equipment 2Qty 2(Ltrs)Equipment 2Qty 3(Ltrs)Total Qty ConsumedReciepts during MonthROB(C/F)
31-03-2014Mobil Rarus 427 PL 20L14air compressor#11air compressor#2102012[ Edit ]
31-03-2014Mobilegard 412 DR208L25800030255[ Edit ]
31-03-2014Mobilgrease XHP 222 PL20KG10general purpose200808[ Edit ]
31-03-2014Mobilux EP215general purpose0000015[ Edit ]
31-03-2014Servo 20W40 Premium2pme governor0sme governor00002[ Edit ]
31-03-2014Shell Omala 100774pzp gear0szp0000774[ Edit ]
31-03-2014Shell Tellus S46103pzp hyd0szp hyd0000103[ Edit ]

As per contract
TypeStart DateStart Time(hhmm)End DateEnd Time(hhmm)As on DateTotal down time Availed(in days)Balance Down timePaid/UnpaidReason for Downtime
15.00Planned00-00-000000-00-000028-02-20140.005.00On Hire[ Edit ]
15.00Planned16-12-2013070030-12-2013090031-12-201314.005.00Off Hire14days/ 02 Hrs down time taken during the month for Dry dock. Balance down time as on 31-12-2013 is 05 days/ 22 Hr/00 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000030-11-20130.0020.00Off HireDowntime have not taken in this month. Balance downtime as on 30.11.2013 is 20 days00 hrs 00 mins[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000031-10-20130.0020.00On HireDowntime have not taken in this month. Balance downtime as on 31.10.2013 is 20days 00hrs 00mins.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000030-09-20130.0020.00On HireDown Time not taken. Balance down time as on 30-09-2013 is 20 days/ 00 Hrs / 00 mns.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000031-08-20130.0020.00On HireDown Time not taken. Balance down time as on 31-08-2013 is 20 days/ 00 Hr/00 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-000000-00-000031-07-20130.0020.00On HireDown Time not taken. Balance down time as on 31-07-2013 is 20 days/ 00 Hr/00 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000030-06-20130.0020.00On HireDown Time not taken. Balance down time as on 30-06-2013 is 20 days/ 00 Hr/00 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned14-05-2013110017-05-2013113031-05-20133.005.00On Hire03 days/ 00 Hrs/ 30 mins down time taken during the month for Routine Maintenance. Balance down time as on 31-05-2013 is 05 days/ 12 Hr/20 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000030-04-20130.008.00On HireDown Time have not taken in this month. Balance down time as on 30-04-2013 is 08 Days/ 12 Hrs/50mins.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000031-03-20130.008.00On HireDown Time have not taken in this month. Balance down time as on 31-03-2013 is 08 Days/ 12 Hrs/50mins.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned01-02-2013000008-02-2013100008-02-20137.008.00On Hire07 days/ 10 Hrs down time taken during the month for Routine Maintenance, Both M/E for annual Survey. Balance down time as on 08-02-2013 is 08 days/ 12 Hr/00 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned28-01-2013120031-01-2013000031-01-20133.0015.00On Hire03 days/ 21 Hrs down time taken during the month for Routine Maintenance, Both M/E for annual Survey. Balance down time as on 31-01-2013 is 15 days/ 22 Hr/00 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000031-12-20120.0019.00On HireDown Time have not taken in this month. Balance down time as on 31-12-2012 is 19 Days/ 10 Hrs/ 00 Mins.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000030-11-20120.0019.00On HireDown Time have not taken in this month. Balance down time as on 30-11-2012 is 19 Days/ 10 Hrs/ 00 Mins.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000031-10-20120.0019.00On HireDown Time have not taken in this month. Balance down time as on 31-10-2012 is 19 Days/ 10 Hrs.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000030-09-20120.0019.00On HireDowntime have not taken in this month. Downtime as on 30.09.2012 is 19 days 10 hours.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000031-08-20120.0019.00On HireDown Time not taken. Balance down time as on 31-08-2012 is 19 days/ 10 Hrs.[ Edit ]
15.00Unplanned08-07-2012040008-07-2012180031-07-20120.0019.00On Hire14 Hrs down time availed on 08-07-2012 as Master of the vessel got sick and left at 0400 hrs for medical checkup to the nearest hospital at Uran & returned back at 1800 hrs the same day. Port control informed. Balance down time as on 31-07-2012 is 19 days/ 10 Hrs.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned00-00-0000000000-00-0000000030-06-20120.0020.00On HireDown Time not taken. Balance down time as on 30-06-2012 is 20 days.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned08-05-2012110014-05-2012090031-05-20125.005.00On Hire05 days/ 22 Hrs down time taken during the month for Vessel's preventive maintenance. Balance down time as on 30-05-2012 is 05 days/ 01 Hr/ 21 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Unplanned05-04-2012135406-04-2012101030-04-20120.0010.00On Hire18 Hrs/ 16 Min down time taken as Chief Engineer was not on board. Balance down time as on 30-04-2012 is 10 days/ 23 Hrs/ 21 Min.[ Edit ]
15.00Planned04-01-2014121200-00-0000120000-00-000013.002.00On HireSW pipe line renewal[ Edit ]

Spares Tracking - Imported 
EquipmentSpare Part DetailsRequisition Order DetailsSupplier NameSupplier Invoice No.Invoice DateInvoice ValueCurrencyDate of Arrival IndiaSpares Sent to(Location)Fitment & Work Done Crtft Recd DtActual Bond Closure dateCancellation Bond recd Date
Niigata diesel engg/ Z-PellerNiigata power systems singapore pte ltdREF No KKU551614-01-20134,002,923.00JPY17-01-201400-00-000017-04-201400-00-0000[ Edit ]
Niigata Diesel Eng sparesSeal liner for propeller shaftNiigata power systems singapore pte ltdREF No. PO 0001489706-12-20131,158,500.00JPY10-12-201300-00-000010-03-201300-00-0000[ Edit ]
Spares for Niigata Diesel engNiigata power systems singapore pte ltdRef no PO 0001480912-11-20131,625,270.00JPY16-11-201316-01-201416-02-201400-00-0000[ Edit ]
Aux. EngineYanmar Engine SparesOSL/JNPT/P.O/11-12/53Iss Machinery ServicesAPSC1111-0277321-12-2011892,821.00JPY28-12-2011jnpt22-03-201228-03-201214-06-2012[ Edit ]

Certificates (DE4) 
Certificate NameCertificate NoCertificate DateIssue AuthorityExpiry DateRemarks
Cargo Ship Construction - Full TermSC/1402207-03-2014IRS18-12-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
Cargo Ship Equipment - Full TermSEQ/1402307-03-2014IRS18-12-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
Cargo Ship Equipment(Form E)SEQ/14023/031407-03-2014IRS18-12-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
Cargo Ship Safety Radio - Full termSRT/1402407-03-2014IRS18-12-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
Cargo Ship Safety Radio(Form R)SRT/14024/031407-03-2014IRS18-12-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
Certificate of Class - Full Term1405611-03-2014IRS18-12-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
Certificate of Registry - Permanent2 of 200906-04-2009MMD Chennai00-00-0000[ Edit ][ view File ]
Certificate of Registry - Provisional16-01-2009IRS00-00-0000Permanent Registry Issued[ Edit ][ view File ]
FSI/GI Inspection22-07-2013RINA21-07-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
General Trading LicenceGEN-125/1030-04-2010DGS29-04-2015[ Edit ][ view File ]
International Load Line - Full TermBOM13P72623-12-2013IRS22-05-2014Interim certificate with 5 months validity issued by IRS[ Edit ][ view File ]
International Tonnage Certificate020/08-0909-03-2009MMD Chennai00-00-0000[ Edit ][ view File ]
Safe manning (Harbour Operation)Chennai 071/08-0917-02-2009MMD Chennai00-00-0000[ Edit ][ view File ]
Ship Sanitation Control/Exemption Certificate7717-10-2013JNPT16-04-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
Ship Security CertificateDGS/SSC/85009-07-2012DGS17-04-2017[ Edit ][ view File ]
Ship Station Licence (WPC)S/005/16-RLO(SR)09-12-2013GOI in the Ministry of comunication & IT31-12-2015[ Edit ][ view File ]

Other Statutory Items (DE4A) 
Certificate NameVendor/Service ProviderExpiry DateRemarks
Compass Dev Card22-12-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
EPIRB #1(BATTERY)Ashapura Marinetech31-05-2018[ Edit ][ view File ]
EPIRB #1(HRU)Ashapura Marinetech30-09-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
Fire Extinguisher Pressure TestSHM27-01-2017[ Edit ][ view File ]
Fire Extinguisher RefillSHM27-01-2017[ Edit ][ view File ]
GMDSS #1Hand Sets batteriesAshapura Marinetech00-00-0000Vessel exempted from carriage of full GMDSS, hence GMDSS Walkie Talkies Not required. Spare Battery transferred to Ocean Harmony[ Edit ]
GMDSS #2 Hand Sets batteriesAshapura Marinetech00-00-0000Vessel exempted from carriage of full GMDSS, hence GMDSS Walkie Talkies Not required. Spare Battery transferred to Ocean Harmony[ Edit ]
HRU (Port)SHM30-11-2015[ Edit ][ view File ]
Inflatable life raft(Port)SHM11-10-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
Line throwing apparatus00-00-0000For 6 tugs at JNPT, we have one set of Pyrotechnics, kept in port Control.[ Edit ]
MOB #1 Markers30-09-2014[ Edit ]
MOB #2 Markers30-11-2014[ Edit ]
Pressure Gauge CalibrationBrilliant Industries21-06-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
Rocket parachute flares01-09-2014[ Edit ]
SART #1(BATTERY)Ashapura Marinetech31-01-2019[ Edit ][ view File ]

Plan Appls and Exemptions(Cert) 
Certificate NameCertificate/Approval NoCertificate/Approval DateCertificate Issued ByRemarks
Continuous Synopsis RecordDGS/CSR/850-NO. 108-09-2011DGS[ Edit ][ view File ]
Fire Control Plan18-03-2009IRS[ Edit ][ view File ]
GMDSS - Partial Exemption04-01-2012DGS[ Edit ][ view File ]
Light Sound Signal Shapes (LSSS) Plan06-04-2009IRS[ Edit ][ view File ]
LSA Plan31-07-2013IRS[ Edit ][ view File ]
Ship Security Plan21-NT(75)/201131-07-2012DGS[ Edit ][ view File ]
T&S Booklet Approval DateST 3139607-02-2009IRS[ Edit ][ view File ]

Defect List (DE7) 
22-07-2013ZP LO Cooler- SW inlet elbow corroded & leaking.Completed[ Edit ]
20-07-2013ME LO priming pump- Remote operation not working.Completed[ Edit ]
29-04-2013A/E Stbd high temp. alarm switch sensor line to A/E damaged, same to be replaced.Completed[ Edit ]
01-06-2012Air Reducing valve diapharm for control air ( 30 to 7 bar) needs to be renewed.Completed[ Edit ]
01-06-2012Both main engine thrust direction indicators in the engine control room are not working.Completed[ Edit ]
01-06-2012AC condenser's cooling S.W. pump was not efficient.Completed[ Edit ]
30-04-2012Washing machine dryer was not working.Completed[ Edit ]
30-04-2012ECR CPU (for Machinery parameter and alarm / trip indication) unit is not working.Completed[ Edit ]
30-04-2012STBD D/G LO filter change over cock was jammed in one position. Need to be freed.Completed[ Edit ]

Monthly Running Hours 
EquipmentMonth end dateTotal RHS B/FRHS B/F since Last De-carbRHS for the MonthTotal RHS C/FRHS C/F since last De-carb
A/E 131-03-2014831723836583822448[ Edit ]
A/E 231-03-2014855025944685962640[ Edit ]
M/E Port31-03-2014108244825100109244925[ Edit ]
M/E Stbd31-03-2014108254825100109254925[ Edit ]

Surveys Tracking Report 
Date of SurveyPlace of surveySurvey Company NameName of SurveyorType of surveySurvey Report no.Recommendation / Follow UpSurvey Closing dateInvoice DateInvoice No.Invoice AmountDate Invoice receivedDate Invoice approvedDate Payment madeAmount Paid
14-12-2013MumbaiIRSAnil AchuthanSpecial SurveyBOM13P726Nil23-12-201320-01-2014BOMSI/1314/01995356,253.0024-01-201425-01-201413-02-2014356,253.00[ Edit ]
31-07-2013IRS-H.OIRSRamesh SawantLSA Plan Approval2013071649Nil31-07-201302-08-2013HOSI/1314/0062255,731.0002-09-201303-09-201326-09-201355,731.00[ Edit ]
28-06-2013Navi MumbaiRINAN/AG.I2013/XI/01/169Nil11-07-201316-07-2013169/XI57,632.0019-07-201319-07-201330-07-201357,632.00[ Edit ]
04-03-2013JNPTIRSAnand Kumar AsatiSSMBOM13P108Nil04-03-201313-03-2013BOMSI/1213/0211318,385.0011-03-201313-03-201325-03-201318,385.00[ Edit ]
05-02-2013JNPTIRSMr Umesh Kumar SahuSSMBOM13P067Nil06-02-201311-02-2013BOMSI/1213/0196238,080.0025-02-201328-02-201306-03-201338,080.00[ Edit ]
20-11-2012MumbaiIRSSuresh SinhaSSH, SSMBOM 12P692Nil20-11-201226-11-2012BOMSI/1213/0152416,698.0030-11-201203-12-201210-01-201316,698.00[ Edit ]
25-09-2012JNPT, MumbaiIRS Mumbai OutpostSuresh SinhaAnnual-AS, PLI, SAFCON, SEQ, SRTBOM/CBKS/99 and BOM 12P600AIS to be included in SSL., Closed10-11-201206-12-2012BOMSI/1213/01595110,466.0022-01-201302-02-201328-02-2013110,466.00[ Edit ]
31-07-2012JNPTIRS Mumbai OutportOCS, SKBE, SSMPeriodic surveyNIl31-07-201231-07-2012BOMSI/1213/00078116,699.0031-07-201231-07-201203-09-201216,699.00[ Edit ]
05-07-2012ChennaiIRS ChennaiDrop test for Ocean Nectar/ClassicMDR/12X161Nil05-07-201205-07-2012MDRSI/1213/004518,349.5025-08-201225-08-201211-09-20128,349.50[ Edit ]
20-06-2012JNPT MumbaiRINAGI/FSIJob No. 2012/XI/01/177Nil20-06-201228-06-2012143/XI61,638.0002-07-201202-07-201210-09-201261,638.00[ Edit ]
18-04-2012JNPT MumbaiIRS Mumbai OutpostUSM/SSMSSP/ISPS Initial AuditIRS/ISPS/CSTL/OSL/31Nil18-04-201219-04-2012BOMSI/1213/0013823,235.0026-04-201226-04-201217-05-201223,235.00[ Edit ]
01-11-2011JNPT MumbaiIRS Mumbai OutportUmesh SahuIntermediateBOM 11P583Nil21-11-201111-11-2011BOMSI/1112/0169417,265.0000-00-000011-11-201125-11-201117,265.00[ Edit ]

Fuel oil consumption 
Month(yyyy-mm-dd)Qty B/F(KL)Qty Received(KL)Total M/E consmp(KL)Total A/E consmp(KL)Total Consumed(KL)Transfer Qty(KL)ROB(KL)
31-03-201420.5940.009.881.1110.9923.7525.85[ Edit ]
28-02-20146.9340.007.120.877.9918.3520.59[ Edit ]
31-01-201425.2320.009.390.109.4927.907.84[ Edit ]
31-12-201321.3920.005.120.585.7010.4525.24[ Edit ]
30-11-20139.9840.008.401.149.5419.0521.39[ Edit ]
31-10-201317.5030.[ Edit ]
30-09-201328.8620.007.391.028.4122.9517.50[ Edit ]
31-08-201315.8640.007.651.048.6918.3028.87[ Edit ]
31-07-201324.9620.007.601.218.8120.3015.85[ Edit ]
30-06-201312.3760.0013.031.9314.9632.4524.96[ Edit ]
31-05-201312.4960.0012.081.4913.5746.5512.37[ Edit ]
30-04-201324.3815.008.421.029.4417.4512.49[ Edit ]
31-03-20135.2967.009.781.0910.8737.0524.37[ Edit ]
28-02-20139.8726.006.330.646.9723.575.33[ Edit ]
31-01-201324.6225.009.290.9610.2529.509.87[ Edit ]
31-12-201223.4230.0010.071.0811.1517.6524.62[ Edit ]
30-11-201215.2449.0013.461.3314.7925.9523.50[ Edit ]
31-10-201223.2728.0012.541.1913.7322.3015.24[ Edit ]
30-09-201218.6640.0013.121.2714.3921.0023.27[ Edit ]
31-08-201235.3620.0013.041.2614.3022.4018.66[ Edit ]
31-07-201226.6135.0010.831.0711.9014.3535.36[ Edit ]
30-06-201223.1440.0013.341.2914.6321.9026.61[ Edit ]
31-05-201218.5359.009.281.2010.4843.9023.15[ Edit ]
30-04-201226.4340.0010.821.2312.0535.8518.53[ Edit ]

Tug Movements 
Month end dateNo. of movement B/FBerthingUnberthignSTSPull BackOthersTotalNo of Movements
31-03-201445383142009824620[ Edit ]
28-02-201444742924004574531[ Edit ]
31-01-201444023330007704472[ Edit ]
31-12-201343611421006414402[ Edit ]
30-11-2013427434380015874361[ Edit ]
31-10-2013417835440017964274[ Edit ]
30-09-2013409933300016794178[ Edit ]
31-08-2013401534360014844099[ Edit ]
31-07-2013393329300023824015[ Edit ]
30-06-20133816304500421173933[ Edit ]
31-05-20133706494700141103816[ Edit ]
30-04-2013362134380013853706[ Edit ]
31-03-20133521315000191003621[ Edit ]
28-02-201334642128008573521[ Edit ]
31-01-2013338825390012763464[ Edit ]
31-12-2012329926420021893388[ Edit ]
30-11-20123194385300141053299[ Edit ]
31-10-2012309636460016983194[ Edit ]
30-09-20122981264600431153096[ Edit ]
31-08-20122854223500701272981[ Edit ]
31-07-2012276335400016912854[ Edit ]
30-06-20122647393600411162763[ Edit ]
31-05-201225683340006792647[ Edit ]
30-04-2012248134400013872568[ Edit ]

Bollard Pull Details 
DirectionContract RequirementBollard Pull AcheivedEngine Power (%)Date ConductedCertificate Issued ByNext Due Date
AheadJNPT contract requires 30T at 100% MCR. Bollard Pull carried out at JNPT, Certificate No. ABS/AM/GS/14012014. Next due during Docking.35.0090.0007-01-2014ABS14-01-2019[ Edit ][ view File ]

Cadet NameINDOS No.Deck/EngineJoinning StipendJoinning DateSign off Date
Vijay Pratap Singh08GL2762TTC Deck8,500.0007-05-201130-09-2011[ Edit ]
Lalit Bisht10GL1223TTC Deck12,000.0005-11-201131-03-2012[ Edit ]
Lalit Bisht10GL1223TTC Deck12,000.0001-04-201205-06-2012[ Edit ]
Saif Inayat kapdi08GL3675TTC Deck15,000.0001-04-201230-09-2012[ Edit ]
Vijay Pratap Singh08GL2762TTC Deck15,000.0001-10-201216-01-2013[ Edit ]
DAYANAND S.JAJURE09GL8008TTC Deck10,000.0016-01-201311-02-2013[ Edit ]
Prem Sukh12NL1061TTC Deck8,000.0004-04-201330-09-2013[ Edit ]
PREM SUKH12NL1061TTC Deck10,000.0001-10-201300-00-0000[ Edit ]
De Noronha Daryll Joseph09GL7347TTC Engine15,000.0001-04-201130-09-2011[ Edit ]
De Noronha Daryll Joseph09GL7347TTC Engine15,000.0001-10-201130-11-2011[ Edit ]
Kunj Bihari Yadav08GL2728TTC Engine22,000.0030-11-201131-03-2012[ Edit ]
Kunj Bihari Yadav08GL2728TTC Engine22,000.0001-04-201211-06-2012[ Edit ]

TUG Audit / Appraisal 
Date Of AuditType of AuditAduit ScopeLocationName of the AuditorAuditing AgencyNo.of NCs / ObservationDate all NCs ClosedRemarks / Area of Improvements
23-10-2013InternalTUG AppraisalJNPT, MUMBAIMr. Shivram Kamat000-00-0000[ Edit ]
22-07-2013External / Third PartyGeneral InspectionJNPT, MUMBAIMr. Anoop NairRINA425-07-2013All observations closed. Final GI report (Form A & Form B) received from RINA.[ Edit ]
20-06-2012External / Third PartyGeneral InspectionJNPT MumbaiAnoop NairRINA020-06-2012Nil defeciency observed. Final GI report (Form A & Form B) received from RINA.[ Edit ]
25-05-2012InternalOHSAS 18001JNPT MumbaiB.V. SukumarOSL602-06-20121. All observations closed.[ Edit ]

DG/MMD/IRS Task Tracking 
Date of applicationType of submissionApplication Ref No.Submitted ToApplication forDescriptionStatus UpdateCompletion Date
23-12-2013OnlineIRS letter to mmdIRS HOCertificate - Issue/RenewalRenewal survey carried out in dec 2013full term certs recd from irs21-03-2014[ Edit ]
19-12-2012ManualOSL/JNPT/DGS/12-13/106-1DGGMDSS ExemptionApplied for exemption from carriage of portable VHF (GMDSS) walkie - talkieDGS Remark - Separate exemption not required once exempted from carriage full GMDSS equipments (conveyed orally)11-01-2013[ Edit ]
01-12-2012ManualIRS lettre ST/31396/2012120011MMD ChennaiCertificate - Issue/RenewalFull term CSSRC with formCertificate issued.15-07-2013[ Edit ]
11-07-2012ManualOSL/JNPT/12-13/110IRS HOPlan approvalLSA PlanApproved by IRS vide their letter ST/31396/2013071649 dated 31/07/201331-07-2013[ Edit ]

Condition of Class/Damage Report/Insurance Claim 
-- No Data Available -- 

Lube Oil Sample reports 
Grade of OilDate Sample drawnPhysical AppearanceEquipmentEquipment - R/H since last change R/H since last sampleTesting Lab/CompanyDate Sample sentDate Report receivedOil FitnesscSt @ 40ºCcSt @  00ºCTBN mg KOH/g ASTM D 2896Water contentFe Content
Mobilegard 412 DR208L28-06-2012Hazy BlackM/E Common Sump8913MARS06-07-201223-08-2012Fit for Use14315120.1210.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4628-06-2012Hazy BlackSteering System Port8913MARS06-07-201223-08-2012Fit for Use49700.013.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4628-06-2012Hazy BlackSteering System Starboard8913MARS06-07-201223-08-2012Fit for Use50700.015.00[ Edit ]
Shell P-10028-06-2012ClearPropulsion System Port8913MARS06-07-201223-08-2012Fit for Use1011100.024.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10028-06-2012ClearPropulsion System Port8913MARS06-07-201223-08-2012Fit for Use971100.025.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4630-09-2012ClearSteering System Port9200MARS08-10-201216-10-2012Fit for Use48700.015.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L30-09-2012Hazy BlackM/E Common Sump9200MARS08-10-201216-10-2012Fit for Use14615100.137.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4630-09-2012ClearSteering System Starboard9200MARS08-10-201216-10-2012Fit for Use48710.016.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10030-09-2012ClearPropulsion System Port9200MARS08-10-201216-10-2012Fit for Use971110.016.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10030-09-2012ClearPropulsion System Starbaord9200MARS08-10-201216-10-2012Fit for Use971110.024.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L26-12-2011Hazy BlackM/E Common Sump8262MARS29-12-201103-01-2012Fit for Use13014110.128.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10026-12-2011ClearPropulsion System Port8262MARS29-11-201103-01-2012Fit for Use1051100.034.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10026-12-2011ClearPropulsion System Starbaord8262MARS29-12-201103-01-2012Fit for Use981100.023.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4626-12-2011ClearSteering System Port8262MARS29-12-201103-01-2012Fit for Use47700.014.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4626-12-2011ClearSteering System Starboard8262MARS29-12-201103-01-2012Fit for Use48800.023.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4631-12-2012ClearSteering System Port9557MARS07-01-201322-01-2013Fit for Use48700.014.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4631-12-2012ClearSteering System Starboard9557MARS07-01-201322-01-2013Fit for Use49700.015.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10031-12-2012ClearPropulsion System Port9557MARS07-01-201322-01-2013Fit for Use1001100.026.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10031-12-2012ClearPropulsion System Starbaord9557MARS07-01-201322-01-2013Fit for Use1001100.017.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L31-12-2012hazy BlackM/E Common Sump9557MARS07-01-201322-01-2013Fit for Use14314110.128.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L30-03-2013BlackM/E Starboard9783MARS19-04-201330-04-2013Fit for Use1380140.000.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L30-03-2013BlackM/E Port9783MARS19-04-201330-04-2013Fit for Use1380140.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4630-03-2013Reddish BrownPropulsion System Port9783MARS19-04-201330-04-2013Fit for Use463000.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4630-03-2013Reddish BrownPropulsion System Starbaord0MARS19-04-201330-04-2013Fit for Use46000.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10030-03-2013Dark BrownPropulsion System Port0MARS19-04-201330-04-2013Fit for Use96000.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10030-03-2013Clear BrownPropulsion System Starbaord9783MARS19-04-201330-04-2013Fit for Use97000.000.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L25-06-2013BlackM/E Common Sump10154MARS08-07-201320-07-2013Fit for Use14115150.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4625-06-2013Reddish BrownSteering System Port10154MARS08-07-201320-07-2013Fit for Use46600.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4625-06-2013Reddish BrownSteering System Starboard10154MARS08-07-201320-07-2013Fit for Use46700.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10025-06-2013Dark BrownPropulsion System Port10154MARS08-07-201320-07-2013Fit for Use991100.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10025-06-2013Dark BrownPropulsion System Starbaord10154MARS08-07-201320-07-2013Fit for Use981100.000.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L30-09-2013DarkM/E Common Sump10420Mars20-10-201320-10-2013Fit for Use14315130.020.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10030-09-2013HazyPropulsion System Port10420Mars20-10-201320-10-2013Fit for Use951100.400.00[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10030-09-2013HazyPropulsion System Starbaord10420Mars20-10-201320-10-2013Fit for Use981100.450.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4630-09-2013ClearPropulsion System Starbaord10420Mars20-10-201320-10-2013Fit for Use49700.000.00[ Edit ]
Shell Tellus S4630-09-2013ClearPropulsion System Port10420Mars20-10-201320-10-2013Fit for Use46700.000.00[ Edit ]
Mobil DTE 10 Excel 10031-12-2013clearPropulsion System Port10663mars06-01-201410-02-2014Fit for Use1001100.000.05[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L31-12-2013hazy blackM/E Common Sump10663mars06-01-201411-02-2014Fit for Use13914120.000.50[ Edit ]
Shell Omala 10031-12-2013clearPropulsion System Port10663mars06-01-201410-02-2014Fit for Use981200.000.40[ Edit ]
Mobil DTE 10 Excel 10031-12-2013clearPropulsion System Starbaord10663mars06-01-201410-02-2014Fit for Use1151200.000.05[ Edit ]
Mobil DTE 10 Excel 4631-12-2013clearPropulsion System Starbaord10663mars06-01-201410-02-2014Fit for Use1251200.000.02[ Edit ]
Mobil DTE 10 Excel 4631-12-2013clearPropulsion System Port10663mars06-01-201410-02-2014Fit for Use1321100.000.04[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L30-03-2014M/E Port0mars30-03-201414-04-2014Fit for Use44700.060.00[ Edit ]
Mobilegard 412 DR208L30-03-2014DarkM/E Common Sump10920Mars09-04-201412-04-2014Fit for Use13114140.040.00[ Edit ]

SAT C - ID & Service Provider 
-- No Data Available -- 

Vessel Equipment 
EquipmentNumbersMakeModelSerial No.(s)Capacity/Detailed Specifications
Air Compressor Main2MITSUBISHIMG90A9000071(P) / 9000070 (S)120 RPM / 30 KW[ Edit ]
Air Conditioning System1DAIKIN3T55KG9008082 1999-11200V / 50HZ[ Edit ]
Deck Hydraulic Anchor Windlass/Winch2UCHIDA OIL HYD. MFG. CO. LTDTSOF14 M / min[ Edit ]
Electrical Battery Charger(s)1For SAMYUNG GMDSS Walkie TalkiesSTV-1608700682Operational[ Edit ]
Electrical Battery Charger(s)1SP - 12508A03665[ Edit ]
Electrical Transformer2AET ELECTRIC PTE LTD.ISOLATED868020 KVA / 60 HZ[ Edit ]
Generator Engine2YANMAR6HAL-2N01450(S)/ 01451(P)KW/ KVA: 80/ 100
RPM: 1200
[ Edit ]
Generator Harbour1MITSUBISHISHS-MPKW:28
[ Edit ]
M/E Air Bottle2YANMAR200L3.0 MPa[ Edit ]
M/E Clutch2NICOCLY-102APCL02339 (S), CL02340 (P)[ Edit ]
M/E Cooling water Pump2SANSHIN ELECTRIC CO. LTD.HX25KS-990385(P) / S-990529(S)[ Edit ]
M/E Coupling2NIIGATA CONVERTER CO. LTD.RC 56 C 3105456528(P) / 456527 (S)[ Edit ]
M/E Engine details2Niigata6L25HX22462(S)/ 22463(P)2 x 1140 KW (1550 BHP) @ 750 RPM[ Edit ]
M/E Fresh water pump1NITSUBISHASAK - 800008921750 RPM / 3.7 KW[ Edit ]
M/E Governor2ZEXELRHD10-PC97202883(S)/ 08202920(P)[ Edit ]
M/E Lube oil priming pump1NITSUBISHADH-65008961150 RPM / 7.5 KW[ Edit ]
M/E Thruster2Z PELLERZP-21/2A0242(S)/ 0241(P)[ Edit ]
M/E Turbocharger2MANNR20/R61713(S)/ 61714(P)[ Edit ]
Pump Bilge & Ballast1NITSUBISHACOH - 650008951750 RPM / 3.7 KW[ Edit ]
Pump Fuel Oil transfer1NITSUBISHADH-T-400008971150 RPM / 1.5 KW[ Edit ]
Pump G/S & Fire Pump1NITSUBISHA00H-100008933500 RPM / 7.5 KW[ Edit ]
VHF Radio2SAMYUNG / FURUNOSTR-6000A / FM-70008302542 / 2512-2172Operational[ Edit ]

AgencyTypeNumberDateExpiry DateRemind On
United India Insurance Co. LtdH and M500200/22/12/01/0000002901-12-201230-11-201330-10-2013[ Edit ][ view File ]
United India Insurance Co. LtdH and MTOBE DELETED01-12-201230-11-201330-11-2013[ Edit ][ view File ]
NATIONALH and M500300/22/13/41 00 00 00 0901-12-201330-11-201431-10-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
United India Insurance Co. LtdWar RiskTO BE DELETED01-12-201230-11-201302-10-2013[ Edit ]
United India Insurance Co. LtdWar Risk120300/22/12/15/0000043701-12-201230-11-201331-10-2013[ Edit ][ view File ]
NATIONALWar Risk500300/22/13/400000000301-12-201330-11-201431-10-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
SHIP OWNERS MUTUAL PROTECTIONP and I77394020-02-201320-02-201420-01-2014[ Edit ][ view File ]
SHIP OWNERS MUTUAL PROTECTIONP and I13846/809542/89724/120-02-201420-02-201501-02-2015[ Edit ][ view File ]
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